Company Overview

Corporate Philosophy

Promoting Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation: it’s a philosophy in which health is the number-one priority, one in which Sato Pharmaceutical makes available the products that answer the demand for a more beautiful, more enjoyable daily life. Always keeping health in mind, we are working to realize self-care by providing effective, safe, and highquality products.

< The four key areas driving Healthcare Innovation >

1 Self-Care

Providing superior products and information for people seeking self-care

Sato Pharmaceutical is working to meet consumer needs by providing high-value-added Switch OTC pharmaceutical products, Class B and C pharmaceuticals that will meet changes in the marketplace, quasi-drugs, supplements, and cosmetics – an expanding range of products with Sato’s originality. Our main OTC products – Yunker, Acess, Stona, and Ringl IB – are backed by the use of top celebrities such as baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki and figure skater Mao Asada, as well as mass media, social networking sites (SNS), and other activities to further enhance brand loyalty.
We also focus on business support for drugstores.
We are also working to create an environment in which self-care can be realized through the OTC Self-Medication Promotion Foundation.

2 Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Developing highly original products while enhancing drug discovery research

To help patients undergo medical treatments and tests as comfortably as possible, we provide highly original products centering on the field of dermatology. These include LUCONAC Solution 5%, a treatment of distal subungual onychomycosis that was released in April 2016; Emla Cream, a local anesthetic; and Patch Test Panel (S), a test drug for skin allergies.
To further meet the needs of medical treatments, we also use our advanced technologies and knowledge to research and develop highly original new drugs. Additionally, we undertake proprietary development of new compounds, and we engage in joint research projects with universities, companies, and R&D institutions in Japan and overseas to create new drugs.

3 Global Strategy

Promoting the Sato brand in international markets

To help support the daily health of people around the world, Sato has developed seven overseas business centers. Each of these bases is charged with creating a truly localized Sato brand by introducing new products and developing the market that is best suited for that particular region.
In Asia, the centerpiece of our overseas business, sales of our major brand lines like the Yunker, Hakubi, and Nazal series are growing remarkably. In North America, we are proactively developing distribution channels in various regions. For instance, we have passed our motion sickness drug down a US coastto-coast distribution chain, while actively promoting safe and reliable Japanese products – focusing on Yunker – to the Japanese and Asian-American markets.

4 Production Efficiency

An efficient production and distribution system with concern for the environment

Working together, our domestic and international production centers provide a flexible yet strong production system that can respond to consumers’ varying needs. Our Taiwan factory, which operates a highquality production system, became compliant with PIC/S-GMP in 2014, and the certificate was successfully renewed in 2016.
As for our distribution system, we use a centrally controlled product information system for the nationwide network of five distribution centers.
Besides providing excellent pharmaceutical products, we have engaged in energy conservation and reduction of environmental impact by introducing LED lights and energy-saving systems, as well as leveraging recycling and natural energy.