Company Overview


As part of Sato Pharmaceutical’s promotion of Healthcare Innovation, the company provides a wide range of OTC products with high efficacy. These efforts focus on Switch OTC products, as well as development of new Class B and C pharmaceuticals that will meet more diversified consumer needs.

Major products: Yunker, Stona, Acess, and Ringl IB

In the pursuit of Healthcare Innovation, self-care is our main business area. Our roughly 300 products cover a wide range of healthcare areas. In product development, we make use of decades of experience, the newest technologies, and a carefully cultivated awareness of consumer needs to create new components while also planning for new products from a variety of viewpoints – including tastes and sensations, dosage format, and packaging.
 Sato’s major OTC pharmaceutical products include the herbal-based nutritional Yunker series; the marketleading anti-gingivitis, anti-periodontitis Acess series of medicated toothpastes; the popular, symptom-specific Stona series, with a strengthened dosage as of August 2016; Ringl IB series, the liquid capsule format analgesic popular with women; and a range of vitamins and nutritional supplements like the Liverurso series.

The OTC pharmaceutical product lineup meets a wide range of needs

Development of Switch OTC and Direct OTC to meet needs of the marketplace

By keeping a close watch on emerging market needs and trends to undertake appropriate research and development, we can engage in higher-value R&D efforts and ensure a steady flow of new products into the market. In December 2016, we released a new nasal drop called Nazal α AR 0.1%.
 Furthermore, Sato has added identification marks to products subject to the Self-Medication Tax Deduction System, a special tax reduction for purchasing OTC drugs, which will come into effect in January 2017. The identification marks are displayed on the product packaging and on the website.

Switch OTC products

Building a trusted brand that consumers value

Sato Pharmaceutical strives to have the flexibility to respond to the concerns and needs emerging from today’s diverse range of lifestyles. It contributes to consumers’ self-care by producing a large number of highly original products.
 We plan to continue launching noteworthy products, such as some food products with nutritional benefits, to keep up with tomorrow’s needs.

Other major products

Expanding the Yunker Royal Series

Since it first went on sale, the Yunker series has always met the high standards of consumer needs, with the quasi-drug Yunker Royal series now available to younger consumers in a place they frequently visit – convenience stores.
 Taking into account increasingly diverse lifestyles, we are looking to expand our regular user base through sales at not only convenience stores, but also supermarkets.

Yunker Royal series

Making effective use of pharmaceutical expertise for anti-aging skincare cosmetics

Since its release in 2009, the highly efficacious antiaging skincare treatment Excellula, independently developed by Sato, has received wide praise for its effective use of pharmaceutical technology. In 2016, Sato expanded and renewed the Excellula lineup.
 Also, we have undertaken the introduction and sale of the Uriage brand from France, which consumers have warmly received.

Due to our deep involvement in the promotion of self-care, we host lectures and other educational activities. As part of efforts to build an environment that helps to serve consumers’ health needs, we undertake the promotion of domestic and internal research.

Promoting self-care by supporting the efforts of the OSPF

Susumu Sato, former Honorary Chairman of Sato Pharmaceutical, established the OTC Self-Medication Promotion Foundation (OSPF) as a forum for the support of self-medication through lectures and other educational activities.
 In October 2016, the OSPF held the 11th OTC Self-Medication Symposium, during which beneficiaries of the OSPF in 2016 were announced. All individuals and organizations were awarded certificates at the event.
 Part of the symposium was a panel discussion with the theme of “Assistance in Healthcare Support for Consumers and Patients.” Chaired by Professor Kinzo Watanabe of the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science, the panel discussion featured a vigorous exchange of opinions regarding the role of pharmacists and how to foster them, as well as the challenges in utilizing new institutions.
 Future symposia will continue to provide study groups, lectures, awareness activities, and domestic and international investigations as part of a varied set of promotional activities aimed at reducing illness and creating a better treatment environment.

APSMI: Activities to promote the self-medication environment in Asia

In November 2010, the Asia-Pacific Self-Medication Industry (APSMI) was founded, with Sato Pharmaceutical President and CEO Seiichi Sato appointed as the group’s first chairman.
 In its published vision statement, APSMI described itself as a formal association dedicated to supporting the development of the self-medication environment in Asia. In 2014, upon the initiative of APSMI, Self-CARER (Self-Medication Collaborative ASIAN Regulator Expert Roundtable) was established to discuss regulatory harmonization in the region.