Company Overview

Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Sato Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing technology and products that precisely meet consumer needs. The company has always had a passion for providing quality treatment for those with ailments and has continued to expand its lineup in its core area of dermatology, while also working in cooperation with domestic and international organizations for new product development.

Sato provides a range of dermatology products

A special focus on the development of original dermatology products

Since 1978, Sato Pharmaceutical has been developing a wide range of ethical dermatological pharmaceuticals. We are also engaged in indication expansions to keep up with a wide range of needs in the field of healthcare and to contribute to improving patients’ quality of life (QOL). For instance, we developed new formulations suited for patients’ skin conditions.
 Sato provides a wide range of dermatological pharmaceutical products, including the flagship LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use, for treatment of distal subungual onychomycosis; Emla Cream, a local anesthetic; and Patch Test Panel (S), for allergic dermatitis testing.

New selection for treatment of distal subungual onychomycosis Release of LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use

In April 2016, Sato released LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use, for treatment of distal subungual onychomycosis. This solution, which has higher permeability, contains a high concentration of Luliconazole, a potent antifungal agent. It is said that one out of ten Japanese suffers from a ringworm infection; thus, LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use can serve as an alternative treatment method for patients.
 We will continue to expand our promotional activities to establish the brand as the main pillar of treatment of ringworm infection.

Expansion of lineup in response to healthcare needs

In 2012, Sato released Emla Cream, Japan’s first effective topical anesthetic pain-reduction therapy for dermatological laser radiation treatment. In June 2015, Sato received approval to add a treatment that will reduce pain when administering injections to infants – a new frontier for us to explore and develop.
 Also, in May 2015, we released Patch Test Panel (S) for allergic dermatitis testing. With the 21 types of allergens that Japanese test highly positive for allocated on the panel, it makes for easier patch testing.
 In addition, we are engaged in expanding the portfolio of high-quality generic pharmaceutical products to meet a wide range of needs.

Superior Medical Representative education and stronger sales organization

To enable Medical Representatives (MRs) to provide information on product effectiveness and safety, particularly concerning dermatological diseases and their pathophysiology, Sato has introduced an educational program to give MRs the required knowledge. In parallel with MR education, we are engaged in strengthening its sales management organization for business expansion.

Multi-faceted promotional activities to contribute to better treatment

Commemorating the release of LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use in 2016, Sato, aiming for better recognition of the drug as its flagship product, hosted conferences all over Japan for self-development of healthcare workers. For Emla Cream, we, together with other companies, are conducting co-promotional activities targeting healthcare institutes. Our aim is to improve patients’ QOL and to contribute to better treatment, while leveraging the expertise that each company possesses.