Company Overview

Research and Development

Sato’s R&D domains are consolidated in the Shinagawa R&D Center in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The center consists of six wings, including the New Research Wing, Formulation Research Wing, Research Planning Department, Pharmaceutical Research Department, Ethical Pharmaceutical Research Department, and Composition Research Wing. These contribute to R&D activities toward new drug creation.

Strengthened drug creation organization with state-of-the-art technologies; development of new drugs to meet medical needs

In the Shinagawa R&D Center, researchers from all R&D departments participate in the creation of new medical drugs. Toward this end, they actively undertake research activities, including composition of new chemical compounds, biological screening, and pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic evaluations. To respond to various needs in the healthcare field, the company is engaged in R&D of new, highly original drugs and high-quality generic pharmaceuticals based on its state-of-the-art technologies and clinical trials.
 As for self-development, we currently focus on three fields by defining the mechanism of pathological conditions, exploring a lead compound from the library, and designing a compound using a supercomputer. We are engaged in R&D activities so we can immediately deliver our products to patients.

Promoting joint research with international and domestic academia

Sato proactively engages in joint research with companies, universities, and research institutes at home and abroad.
 In a joint research project about sarcopenia, we, together with Keio University, studied the pathogenic mechanism of sarcopenia at molecular and cellular levels, including the decline of muscular and physical functions, which is one of the most important problems in this super-aging society. We have been focusing on searching for a target molecule for the therapeutic agent.
 In addition, we started a joint research activity with Kyushu University on lipid metabolism-related coenzymes. The baseline studies directly connected with drug creation are analyzed using a supercomputer.

More effective and easier to use; unique formulation development and research of ingredients of crude drugs

Formulation design of new drugs for improved convenience, and improved safety and effectiveness are major research themes at Sato. For example, we have been successful in our unique formulation of orally dissolving tablets that can be taken without water. We use these tablets in our self-developed products.
 As for the research of crude drugs, we are engaged in development of new products leveraging our analysis methods and our proprietary research data on the ingredients of individual crude drugs.

Using genetic and protein analytic technology to provide higher-quality scientific evidence

Sato Pharmaceutical is undertaking research using molecular biology and genetic technology, such as the use of cultured cells for the screening of new anti-inflammatory agents. For Sato Pharmaceutical’s leading Yunker, Acess, and other brands, comprehensive evaluation of product efficacy is made at the genetic and protein level, resulting in even higher-quality scientific evidence.