Company Overview


Sato Pharmaceutical supports their sales activities with a meticulous sales system that makes use of its strength in direct sales, while also providing a variety of seminars and IT-based information-sharing activities. At the same time, the Internet and community websites are increasingly being used to share information with consumers.

Support for the management of pharmacies and drugstores through seminars and symposia

Sato Pharmaceutical holds a series of seminars and symposia to provide information on new products, among others, for pharmacists and drugstore staff across the nation.
 Every year, we hold the Sato Drug Store Conference and Sato Symposium for drugstore managers, with Japanese and international experts and specialists providing a series of lectures.
 Through these events, Sato Pharmaceutical is working to help support the sales activities of pharmacies and drugstores.

Promoting the use of digital marketing to support consumers and pharmacies

Sato uses a wide variety of tools to provide consumers with information to understand and choose the appropriate product. To improve awareness of self-care, IT is the key method for information transmission and the creation of new networks.
 Sato has created enhanced brand-specific websites for its major brands such as Yunker, Acess, and Stona, making it easier and more convenient to provide detailed, high-quality information. Sato is also working with new types of marketing using social networking sites such as Facebook.
 Additionally, Sato uses IT to support sales. Targeting pharmacies and drugstores, Sato’s specialized websites have a rich collection of practical content such as new product information and a product search function, as well as an online ordering system.
 The iPhone, as well as related applications, is also used as a sales tool, which allows for more proactive intelligence-gathering and transmission. Additionally, it enables more efficient order-taking, helping to improve business.

Building interest through celebrity endorsements

Each of the main Sato brands uses a unique major figure to represent it and to help in effectively developing marketing activities.
 Yunker is represented by Ichiro Suzuki, and we use the catchphrase “Yunker Charge!” to attract more customers and encourage increased product usage. In August 2016, we released an advertisement to congratulate Ichiro for his record-breaking achievement of reaching 3000 hits in the Major League.
 In addition, we placed a sign below the backstop at Marlins Park to build excitement for Yunker at home and abroad.
 Sato aims to increase market share by promoting television and outdoor advertisements featuring the figure skating sisters Mao and Mai Asada for Stona, professional golfer Hiroyuki Fujita for Acess, and actress Emma Miyazawa for Ringl IB. For Salomethyl, Sato has become a sponsor of marathons held all across Japan.

 Also, Sato takes part in the Japan Drugstore Show, sponsored by the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS), and provides consumers with accurate information through a single company-sponsored television program,“Aim! Healthy Meister.”