Company Overview

Global Business

Focusing on the fast-growing Asian region, North America, and Europe, Sato Pharmaceutical continues to develop its international business through its seven business centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

Using the seven business centers to spread the Sato brand

With China and Germany added as business centers, along with Sato’s local subsidiaries in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada, Sato is engaged in fine-tuned marketing and sales activities pertaining to the local markets.
 In the future, Sato will actively make use of the know-how and networks it has created over the years, not only for marketing, but also to provide products suited to local needs, and to nurture and spread a truly localized Sato brand.

Focusing on Asia with significant economic growth; expanding sales activities in North America and Europe

The main brands Yunker, Hakubi, Nazal, and Polibaby have grown significantly in Asia. The lineup for the Hakubi brand, sales of which began in Singapore from 2007, has increased. Sales have expanded from drugstore chains and local pharmacies into cosmetics stores and department stores.
 In Hong Kong, sales of Nazal, in addition to Hakubi, have been continuing satisfactorily. Sales of the antiaging skincare treatment Excellula also began in 2011.
 The Hakubi brand is sold in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia – ASEAN markets with significant economic growth. Sato is planning to expand its sales channels into Vietnam and the Philippines.
 With a business center in Shanghai, Sato is also engaged in developing a huge market in China. Sato is working to establish a sales structure that includes efficient sales channels such as e-commerce.

Europe and North America
Zentrip, a new motion-sickness treatment using a convenient, highly portable film DDS system, first went on sale in the U.S. in 2009. At present, we are proactively expanding sales channels such as OEM supply of new dosage form products to our US national chain.
 In addition, Sato is expanding the Yunker brand in the United States – including Hawaii – and Canada. Sales are promoted with multiple developments such as utilizing refrigeration stockers and improvement of over-the-counter publicity. Television commercials with local motifs such as yoga and marathons are aired in Hawaii.
 The goal is to sell Yunker as a main brand in Germany and, in the future, to expand the product lineup and establish the brand. Sato actively introduces global brands such as Bion 3, a supplement from Merck KGaA of Germany, and Bayer Aspirin, the antipyretic analgesic from Bayer AG, in a number of countries.