Company Overview


Sato has created a global production network to answer the needs of the worldwide self-care market, not only linking its two main domestic production facilities – the leading center, the Hachioji factory, and the high-tech, next-generation Kazusa factory – but also its main international production facility in Taiwan.

Upgrade and expansion of facilities, and globalization of Sato’s main Hachioji factory

To keep up with the launch of new products and changes in the marketplace, Sato actively maintains the facilities of its Hachioji factory, including its production line.
 The factory consists of a drink production line, ointment wing, formulation wing, the production wing for Acess, and other production facilities. In light of the release of the ethical pharmaceutical LUCONAC Solution 5%, as well as the renewal of the cold medicine line Stona, Sato’s production facilities have been reinforced with Japan’s fastest production line to guarantee effective production and stable supplies. Also, the facilities are monitored around the clock for quality control. For example, Sato implements a bottle inspection system for drink products, and it has introduced a system to monitor the production environment for filling sterile eye drop containers.
 The factory’s production systems are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of different countries and regions such as the USA (FDA), Australia, the EU, and Canada. This enables Sato to promote its products globally.

Kazusa factory: a high-tech nextgeneration production center using state-of-the-art equipment

Located in the rolling green setting of the Kazusa Akademia Park in Chiba Prefecture, across the bay from Tokyo, the Kazusa Factory is a next-generation facility featuring the latest technologies.
 The production facilities in its drink production wing and external-use wing use IT technologies that make the entire process almost completely automated. Thus, the factory functions somewhat like an enormous robot.
 To keep up with the sales expansion of ethical pharmaceutical products in 2017, a new production line of quasi-drugs will be put into operation for further improvement of our production capabilities.

The Taiwan factory: GMP compliance, using global PIC/S standards

Sato’s Taiwan factory, which operates as the production base for Asian markets, uses the same equipment and management system as the Hachioji factory, helping to ensure reliable, high-quality products. All products are double-checked on a regular basis by Japanese quality control departments.
 Using the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) international instruments, the factory achieved conformity with the global Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in 2014. In 2016, it was qualified once again with a renewed certificate.