Company Overview


Resource-saving environment, achieved through the expanded use of LED lighting and solar power generation panels

Sato has introduced company-wide initiatives such as the “greening” of rooftops at all business sites, and the installation of LED lighting to reduce environmental impact. LED lighting has even been installed on corporate logo signboards and outdoor advertisement towers at the Akasaka headquarters and Shinagawa R&D Center.
 An increased number of solar panels have been installed at production and distribution centers including the Hachioji and Kazusa Factories, as well as the Tokyo Distribution Center, resulting in a 1.5-times increase in power generation. Other Sato initiatives include the use of resource conservation equipment on the mass production lines, including the drink lines, and installing high-efficiency refrigeration in the formulation wing to reduce CO2 emissions. Sato will continue to drive new ideas and resource conservation for the environment, another part of enabling the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Recycling and turning waste into a resource: Transformation to an environmentally friendly recycling facility

At the Hachioji and Kazusa factories, Sato’s two main production facilities in Japan, activities are underway to turn production waste into a resource through recycling.
 Both factories have introduced a waste-measurement control system to that transforms paper, plastic and other waste into resources. We achieved a 90-percent recycling rate by reusing packaging materials. Both factories have been certified to the ISO14001 international standard, based on Sato’s environmental conservation initiatives.
 Sato will continue to provide superior pharmaceutical products, and ensure that they are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible.