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Business Activities

Various activities allow us to quickly and stably provide the products that meet the expectations of every consumer.

Sato engages in joint research and development activities with domestic and international institutions, focused on the creation of new and highly original drugs.
Sato has developed a topic-based marketing strategy using brand ambassadors.
We hava also a production system using the most advanced equipment to provide high-quality products, backed by an efficient logistics network.

Research and Development

Sato’s Shinagawa R&D Center in Tokyo contains the Research Planning Office, the Drug Discovery Research Department, the Ethical Pharmaceutical Research Department, as well as the four sections of the Formulation Research Department. Cutting-edge research is being conducted here into the creation of new drugs.

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Sato Pharmaceutical provides comprehensive sales support through its direct sales system, such as seminars, providing information through IT, and PR activities. We are also sharing information with end-user consumers through the Internet and community websites.

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Production and Distribution

Responsible for Sato’s production are our main Hachioji Factory; Kazusa Factory, equipped with the most advanced equipment; and the global-standard Taiwan Factory. All three factories work together to create a stable, global production network. And Sato's five distribution centers across Japan, an efficient logistics network has been established to quickly process order information.

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The Environment

Sato has introduced company-wide initiatives such as the “greening” of rooftops at all business sites, and the installation of LED lighting to reduce environmental impact. Also solar power generation panels have been installed at production and distribution centers.

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