Company Overview

Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Sato’s ethical pharmaceutical business is developing highly original products, mainly in its core area of dermatology. The background to this philosophy is Sato’s passion for making treatment and examination more comfortable and easier for patients. To shape the needs of the medical field, Sato is actively engaged in new drug development through strengthened collaboration with companies, universities, and research institutions both in Japan and overseas.

Developing dermatology products with unique qualities

Sato launched Pastaron in 1978; since then, the company has grown primarily in the dermatological pharmaceuticals area, expanding to include a number of brands. We are engaged in the development of formulations suited to patients’ skin conditions, while expanding to meet the wide needs in healthcare—all to contribute to improving patient quality of life (QOL).
 Sato provides a range of dermatological products, including LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use, a topical treatment for onychomycosis; the topical anesthetic Emla Cream and Emla Patch; Patch Test Panel (S) for allergic dermatitis testing; the Dalacin T series of acne treatment agents, and topical psoriasis treatment Bonalfa.

Expansion of lineup in response to medical needs

In 2012, Sato launched Emla Cream, Japan’s first effective topical anesthetic pain-reduction therapy for dermatological laser radiation treatment. In June 2015, Sato received approval in areas in which we have been pursuing new initiatives, such as effective pain relief at the injection sites for injection and intravenous needles, and new dosage and administration for children. Also, in December 2017, Sato launched the Emla Patch, a new formulation that provides one-touch treatment.
 Also, in May 2015, we launched Patch Test Panel (S) for allergic dermatitis testing. With the 22 types of allergens that Japanese test highly positive for allocated on the panel, it makes for easier patch testing.
 To meet various needs, we will continue dedicating ourselves to providing high-quality ethical pharmaceutical products.

Sato provides a range of dermatology products

New selection for treatment of onychomycosis: launch of NAILIN Capsules 100mg

In July 2018, Sato launched NAILIN Capsules 100mg, an oral antifungal agent that is a new option for the oral treatment of onychomycosis.
 NAILIN Capsules 100mg is a novel triazole antifungal agent containing the active ingredient fosravuconazole L-lysine ethanolate; this is the first new treatment for onychomycosis in approximately 20 years. A Phase III clinical study in Japan confirms the efficacy and safety of the oral administration once daily for 12 weeks for patients with onychomycosis.
 In collaboration with Eisai Co., Ltd., Sato is engaged in promotional activities for NAILIN Capsules 100mg aimed at medical institutions. We draw on the expertise of both companies as we provide information on the proper and safe use of NAILIN Capsules 100mg, as well as the latest academic information on onychomycosis.
 One out of ten Japanese is said to suffer from onychomycosis; the launch of NAILIN Capsules 100mg along with LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use provides an alternative treatment for these patients.
 With these two products as its pillars for onychomycosis treatment, Sato will expand its promotional activities to establish the brands, and develop further as a company trusted by doctors as a leader in the treatment of onychomycosis.

Multi-faceted promotional activities to contribute to better treatment

As LUCONAC Solution 5% for external use celebrated its first anniversary of sales, the Sato DERMA Forum 2017 was held to provide the latest information about onycomycosis, including the outcome of treatment with LUCONAC Solution 5%. We will continue to develop our main products to enhance the brand recognition of our products.
 In addition, we are undertaking joint promotional activities for Emla Cream and Emla Patch with other companies and aimed at medical institutions, to maximize product value and promote proper product use. Making use of the partners’ various expertise, our goal is improved QOL and better patient treatment.

Training medical representatives (MRs) and strengthening the sales organization

Medical representatives (MRs) need an effective training program covering product knowledge as well as the pathology and physiology of diseases in dermatology in order to effectively provide information on the efficacy and safety of medications. Along with fostering MRs, we also are aiming at expanding our business, and are enhancing our sales management system.
 Sato has created dedicated websites for healthcare professionals, with videos of product information and materials for guiding patients to ensure accurate information transfer and proper drug usage.