Company Overview

Global Business

Focusing on the fast-growing Asian region, North America, and Europe, Sato continues to develop its international business through its six branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the US and Germany. We conduct marketing and sales activities carefully tailored to each business location, responding to regional and local needs.

Using the six branches to educate and disseminate the SATO brand

With the addition of China and Germany as branches, and along with our subsidies in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China, we carry out fine-tuned marketing and sales activities closely tied to each region. We will continue to actively make use of our years of know-how and networking to educate and disseminate SATO brands in a way that responds to the various lifestyles and needs of different countries and regions.

Focusing on Asian markets with significant economic growth; expanding sales activities in North America and Europe

The main brands Yunker, Hakubi, Nazal, and Polibaby have grown significantly in Asia. The lineup for the Hakubi brand, sales of which began in Singapore from 2007, has increased. Sales have expanded from drugstore chains and local pharmacies into cosmetics stores and department stores.
 In Hong Kong, in addition to Hakubi, sales of Nazal continue to grow, reaching a number-one share in the market through TV commercials and successful local promotions.

 The Hakubi brand is sold in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, ASEAN markets with significant economic growth. Sato is planning to release the product in Vietnam in 2018, and in the Philippines the following year.
 Through its business hub in Shanghai, Sato is also engaged in developing a huge market in China. Sato is working to establish a sales structure that includes efficient sales channels, such as e-commerce. Sales of Calcalcin Plus are planned to begin in 2018, and of Polibaby in 2020.

North America and Europe
In the US, Zentrip, a new motion-sickness treatment using a convenient, highly portable film, first went on sale in 2009. We are now aggressively expanding sales channels by supplying products in new formulations to major drugstore chains as store-branded items.
 Sato is expanding the Yunker brand in the United States, including Hawaii. Television commercials featuring the products as natural and active health drinks are aired in the state. Sato has also been an active sponsor of the Honolulu Marathon for many years.
 In Germany, Yunker is sold as our main brand, as we work to further expand our product lineup and firmly establish the brands. Sato is also actively introducing such global brands as Bayer Aspirin, an antipyretic analgesic; and Empecid L, a drug for the treatment of recurrent vaginal candidiasis from Bayer AG.