Company Overview


To meet consumer needs, Sato provides a wide range of products, including Switch OTC drugs, Class 1, 2, and 3 OTC drugs, supplements, and cosmetics, all supporting consumers’ daily health. Sato’s innovative Healthcare Innovation concept is incorporated in every product.

The leading brands: Yunker, Acess, Stona, and Ringl IB

Healthcare Business, Sato’s main business area, covers a wide range of some 300 products including OTC drugs, quasi-drugs, foods with function claims, foods for specified health uses, supplements and cosmetics. Consumer needs are accurately captured during product development, with decades of experience and the newest technologies applied to designing new products reflecting many viewpoints – including blending components, tastes and sensations, formulations and packaging.
 Sato’s major OTC pharmaceutical products include the herbal-based health drink Yunker series; the market-leading Acess series of medicated anti-gingivitis and anti-periodontitis products; the popular, cold-symptom-specific Stona series, with the dosage strengthened in August 2016; the Ringl IB series, the antipyretic analgesics especially popular with women; and the Liverurso series used by many men.

The OTC pharmaceutical product lineup meets a wide range of needs

Value-added OTC drugs, matching market needs

By keeping a close watch on emerging market needs and trends, we can take on effective R&D efforts for higher-value-added products. A new nasal drop called Nazal α AR 0.1% for rhinitis from seasonal allergies was launched in December 2016. Stonarhini Z gel, an oral remedy for rhinitis, was launched in December 2017.
 Sato is working to popularize and build better understanding of self-medication. An example is the identification marks added to product packaging subject to the Self-Medication Tax Deduction System, a special tax reduction for purchasing OTC drugs, which came into effect in January 2017. Sato will continue to develop switch and direct OTC drugs that are unique and distinctive, after discovering the needs of consumers in detail.

Switch OTC drugs

Building a trusted brand that consumers value

Sato Pharmaceutical develops new products that respond flexibly to the diversification of lifestyles. Sato’s popularity comes from its ability to quickly respond to these changing needs by developing products such as Stonarhini, an oral remedy for rhinitis; Nazal, nasal drops for rhinitis; Salomethyl, an anti-inflammatory analgesic for external use; Satolax laxative; and Polibaby skin disorder medicine. We contribute to consumers’ self-care by releasing a wide variety of highly original products. We will continue to work to understand consumer needs, and develop products that will be beloved for years. In particular, our new versions of existing products and foods with function claims have attracted attention in recent years.

Other major products

Expanding the Yunker Royal Series

The Yunker series is a top brand family, highly regarded ever since its release. In recent years, we have focused our efforts on the Yunker Royal series for convenience stores, a place popular with younger consumers. With the revision of approval criteria, we are quickly expanding indications, widening our lineup of quasi-drugs with products such as Yunker Royal 200, Yunker Royal C2, and Yunker Royal Tablets, and promoting the creation of new segments. Sato is engaged in various other initiatives, such as introducing the Yunker Royal series to supermarkets, considering the increasing diversification of lifestyles as we look to expand our user base.

Yunker Royal series

Applying pharmaceutical technology to enhance anti-aging skincare cosmetics

Excellula, independently developed by Sato through the effective use of pharmaceutical technology, was launched in 2009 as a highly efficacious anti-aging skincare cosmetic. Excellula has received widespread praise as a product that solves women’s skin problems. Sato further expanded and improved the lineup in 2016.
 We have earned a high reputation by differentiating our products from basic cosmetics: the Sato brand, supporting aging care from within through the application of advanced dermatological medical technology; and the Uriage brand from France that we introduced and sell in the market.

As a company promoting self-care, Sato is focused on creating an environment that supports consumer health, through lectures and educational activities, as well as grant projects for surveys, research and other activities both in Japan and abroad.

Promoting self-care by supporting the efforts of the OSPF

Susumu Sato, former Honorary Chairman of Sato Pharmaceutical, established the OTC Self-Medication Promotion Foundation (OSPF) as a forum for the support of self-medication through lectures and other educational activities.
 The 12th OTC Self-Medication Symposium was held in October 2017. The grant beneficiaries for 2017 were announced: from 66 applicants, 15 were issued an research grant certificate, three were awarded educational grant certificates.
 Professor Yoshikazu Kinoshita, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Shimane University, delivered the keynote lecture, “Transition in the era of gastric acid-related diseases and changes in treatment modalities.” Chaired by Kinzo Watanabe, Professor, the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, the panel discussion, “The role of self-medication in community-based integrated care systems,” saw a vigorous exchange of opinions regarding the role of health-support pharmacies in community-based integrated care.
 Future symposia will continue to provide study groups, lectures, awareness activities, and domestic and international investigations, aimed at reducing illness and creating a better treatment environment.

Promoting self-medication through the activities of Japan Self-Medication Industry

Seiichi Sato, President and CEO of Sato Pharmaceutical, became President of the Japan Self-Medication Industry (JSMI) on April 20, 2018.
 In 2018, JSMI wishes to focus on the following eight items: Enlightenment and education on self-medication tax deduction system and promotion of utilization; Promotion of enlightening activities through activities for self-medication day/week; Expansion and enrichment of Rx-to-OTC switch with consideration for the health knowledge and needs of consumers, as well as support for reform and new establishment of market authorization standard for OTC drugs; Promoting the proper use and safety assurance of OTC drugs; Advertising and public relation activities from consumer perspective and promotion of proper market activities; Support for drug education, etc.; Accurate response to changes in global environment; Promoting survey and research with the aim of establishing the “Basic Act on Promotion and Encouragement of Health Self-Help Efforts by Citizens (provisional name).”