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Business Areas

Promoting Healthcare Innovation, Sato Provides effective, safe,
high-quality products.

The healthcare business supports the health of society through familiar pharmacies and drugstores. Sato’s ethical pharmaceutical business provides highly original products, largely in the field of dermatology.
These two main business areas are the pillars for the corporate philosophy of Healthcare Innovation—a concept incorporated in every safe, high-quality product that Sato Pharmaceutical delivers.

Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business, Sato's main business area, covers a wide range of some 300 products including OTC drugs, foods with function claims, foods for specified health uses, and cosmetics. Consumer needs are accurately captured during product development, with decades of experience and the newest technologies applied to designing new products reflecting many viewpoints.

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Ethical Pharmaceutical Business

Sato’s ethical pharmaceutical business is developing highly original products, mainly in its core area of dermatology. Behind this philosophy is Sato’s passion for treatments and examinations that are more comfortable and easier for patients. Sato is actively engaged in new drug development through strengthened collaboration with companies, universities, and research institutions both in Japan and overseas.

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As a company promoting self-medication, Sato Pharmaceutical is focused on creating an environment that supports consumer health, through lectures and educational activities, as well as grant projects for surveys, research and other activities.

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Global Business

Focusing on the fast-growing Asian region, North America, and Europe, Sato continues to develop its international business through its six branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the US and Germany. We conduct marketing and sales activities carefully tailored to each business location, responding to regional and local needs.

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